Thrustmaster T-series Dash Board

Thrustmaster T-series Dash Board

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Compatibility: PC - 1 USB connection  (includes 1 - 6ft USB Cable)

Plug and play no additional software is needed 

Thrustmaster T series Dashboard mounts to front of wheel base with provided screws

fits higher-end Thrustmaster wheelbases (base must have a quick release with removable wheel) T-300 / TX / TS-XW / TS-PC / T-GT etc. and have the removable ring with 4 mounting holes

6mm Carbon Fiber 

Left Side 

1 - On Off Latching Toggle with Guard

1 - Apex Branded Engine Start Button

3 - MOM OFF MOM Toggles with black boot

5 - 12mm Momentary Push Buttons (Multi switch option adds a 7way multi-switch to replace center push button) Up, Down, Left, Right, Push, Encoder Left & Right

Right Side

8 - 12mm Momentary Push Buttons

4 - CTS Encoders 

1 - Billet aluminum Brake Bias Knob (can be used for other settings)


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