Build Your Ultimate Simulator

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Simagic Alpha Direct Drive Wheel Base Bundle (Bundle & Save) Simagic Alpha U Direct Drive Wheel Base 23NM Simagic Alpha Direct Drive Wheel Base 15NM Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheel Base 10NM Moza Racing R21 Wheel Base V2 21NM

Step 1

Choose Your Wheel Base

We offer a selection of top of the line direct drive wheel bases. High Fidelity and tons of torque so you can feel all the feedback given from every bump on the track

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Simagic FX Pro Formula Wheel Simagic FX Formula Wheel Simagic GT Neo Sim Racing Steering Wheel Simagic GT1S Round / D Shaped Wheel Simagic GT Pro R (K)

Step 2

Choose your Steering Wheel

We offer a wide selection of wheels for every type of racing. Formula, Oval, Road, Drifting. Chose one or multiple depending on what type of racing you like

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Simagic P2000r - Hydraulic Pedal Set Simagic P2000 Pedal Accessories Simagic P1000 Sim Racing Pedals Simagic P1000 Pedal Accessories Cube Controls Pedal Set SP-01

Step 3

Choose Your Pedals

Pedals are arguably one of the most important parts of your simulator. Want to shave time off your laps. A high quality set of pedals will get you there.

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Simagic DS-8X H Pattern & SQ Sim Racing Shifter Moza Racing  HBP Handbrake Moza Racing  HGP Shifter Simagic TB-1 Hand Brake Simagic q1 Sequential Shifter

Step 4

Choose your Shifter / handbrake

We offer a wide selection of shifters and handbrakes. Choose the one that fits your style of racing.

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