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  • - Authorized Dealer (Germany / EU)

    We are excited to announce as a new authorized dealer in Germany / EU
  • What is the Apex Sim Racing 7 way multi switch?

    Ahhhh the coveted 7 way multi switch also called a "Funky Switch" and for good reason..
  • The New GT3R Sim Racing DDU

    Introducing the GT3R Racing Display! This premium 5-inch sim racing display is perfect for any PC-based setup. It features a tempered scratch-resistant glass overlay, 34 RGB programmable LEDs controlled via SimHub, and a vibrant, high-resolution display. 

  • Apex is now a Simagic Distributor

    For Immediate Release: "Apex Sim Racing is now an Authorized North America Simagic Distributor" Simagic makes high quality sim racing equipment inc...
  • Why You Should Buy a Sim Racing Button Box

    Sim racing requires a lot of buttons. No matter which sim you use, whether it’s Assetto Corsa (either flavour), iRacing, rFactor2 - whatever. There are far more functions than a standard sim wheel can cover. 
  • Throwback Racing Games - Before Sim Racing!

    We all started somewhere when it comes to racing games/sims. If you are a tad dated like me this post will take you back to the good old days. Begg...
  • Apex Sim Racing - New Custom iRacing paints

    We have Partnered up with @Coulbysipaints for some new iRacing paints. Coulbys Paints is our preferred iRacing painter. Make sure to give them a fo...
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    Get a behind the scenes look at Apex Sim Racing. Follow us On Instagram

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