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FSR Steering Wheel - Apex Sim Racing - Sim Racing Products
FSR Steering Wheel - Apex Sim Racing - Sim Racing Products
FSR Steering Wheel - Apex Sim Racing - Sim Racing Products
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Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel

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Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel - $649.00

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The Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel is the epitome of a high-performance sim racing wheels. Designed for dedicated sim racers seeking the utmost in realism and control. This premium sim racing wheel boasts a wide array of advanced features that enhance the immersive experience and functional precision required for competitive racing.

Key Features:

4.3″ Built-in HD Display 

You'll love the integrated digital dash, with an 800×480 resolution, which provides real-time telemetry and supports 15 different display profiles. This allows you to monitor critical data such as traction control levels, brake bias, and lap times without diverting attention from the track.

Top-Quality Construction

The wheel is constructed from 5mm-thick Toray carbon fiber for the faceplate, and 3mm-thick carbon fiber for the magnetic shifter paddles. It is also equipped with an aviation-grade aluminum housing, which ensures its durability and premium feel.

Ergonomic Design

Perforated leather grips offer superior comfort and control, even during extended racing sessions. It is designed for maximum accessibility with strategically placed joysticks, buttons, and switches for quick adjustments.

Extensive Customization

The FSR wheel includes 15 programmable buttons, two thumb encoders, and five rotary encoders, which allow for precise in-game adjustments. The RGB rev indicator and customizable LED lights add a personalized touch.

Advanced Shifting Mechanism

This premium sim racing wheel has carbon fiber magnetic dual clutch paddles that ensure you'll get fast and responsive gear changes, enhancing the overall racing performance.

Quick Release System

Quick release systems inspired by real racing technology provide secure and rapid wheel changes.

Premium Sim Racing Wheel Performance

You'll be able to navigate even the most challenging tracks with the Moza FSR Formula Wheel because it delivers accurate and responsive feedback. Its Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology and customizable settings enable racers to fine-tune the wheel to their specific preferences, ensuring an optimal racing experience.


The FSR wheel is compatible with Moza wheelbases and can be used with other brands like Fanatec and Simucube through the Moza Universal Hub. It supports a wide range of racing games on PC, making it a versatile addition to any sim racing setup.

The Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel is positioned as a high-end option in the market. It offers excellent value through its advanced features, build quality, and performance.

Highly recommended for sim racers looking to up their game with a premium, feature-packed wheel.

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