moza racing cs v2p steering wheel front view
moza racing cs v2p steering wheel top view
moza racing cs v2p steering wheel
moza racing cs v2p steering wheel rear view
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Moza Racing CS V2p Steering Wheel

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Moza Racing CS V2p Steering Wheel - $259.00

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Elevate your sim racing experience with the Moza Racing CS V2p Steering Wheel, engineered for precision and durability.

This wheel is crafted from aluminum, ensuring a robust frame that can withstand the intensity of racing.

Its customized quick release system offers a seamless connection to your setup, providing both stability and ease of interchangeability.

Key Features of the Moza Racing CS V2p Steering Wheel:

  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame: Offers a lightweight yet extremely durable construction, perfect for enduring intense racing sessions.

  • Customized Quick Release: Enhances the ease of wheel changes without compromising the secure connection needed during high-speed maneuvers.

  • RGB Shifter Light Indicator: Adds a visually appealing and practical feature, enabling drivers to see RPMs in a glance.

  • Hall Sensor Magnetic Paddle with Dual Clutch - The CS V2P features magnetic shift paddles. The dual-clutch paddles are easily toggled between single or dual-clutch mode, typically used in professional sim racing titles such as iRacing and F1 series.

    RGB Backlit Mechanical Buttons - Enhance your racing experience with RGB backlit buttons featuring tactile feedback. Customize your steering wheel with 8 adjustable colors for a personalized experience.

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