The New GT3R Sim Racing DDU

GT3R Sim Racing DDU - By Apex Sim Racing

Introducing the GT3R Sim Racing DDU Display! This premium 5-inch sim racing display is perfect for any PC-based setup. It features a tempered scratch-resistant glass overlay, 34 RGB programmable LEDs controlled via SimHub, and a vibrant, high-resolution display. The custom PCB and single USB connection make it easy to connect to your PC, while the full 6061 black anodized aluminum enclosure and real carbon fiber mounting bracket provide a sleek, real-life motorsport look. Whether you're a serious sim racer or just looking for the ultimate realism, the GT3R Racing Display is a perfect choice!


  • Vibrant 5" LCD Screen - This 5-inch screen is perfect for viewing small text and data from the driver's seat. With its adjustable 350 Lumen backlit display it will surely be visible at any time of the day. Its high resolution and 24-bit true color make this one of the best displays on the sim racing market. The displayed layout is easily user adjustable with a few clicks.  You Can Use a layout from the simhub community or create your own!
  • 34 Adjustable Telemetry Driven LEDs - These innovative LEDs will change the way you sim race, providing a truly immersive experience. With 34 user-adjustable RGB LEDs, you can customize the look and feel of your simulator setup to create a truly unique experience. Not only does this product add an extra level of realism to your racing, but it also provides a competitive edge. Use the Simhub app to adjust all 34 RGB LEDs to your needs. Get instant feedback on important information like RPMS, delta, race flags, and more. With the included starter LED profile, you'll be up and running in no time.
  • Professional-grade Quality - The GT3R DDU is the perfect way to take your sim racing setup to the next level. This professional-grade display is made from 6061 anodized aluminum and features a genuine 3mm carbon fiber mount, making it one of the most durable and sturdy displays on the market. The scratch-resistant front glass overlay is printed with the Apex Sim Racing logo, ensuring that you'll be race-ready in style. The dual PCBs are fully custom developed and offer an adjustable USB cable exit, making it easy to keep your cables tidy and out of the way. Get the race-ready look and feel you need to take your sim racing to the next level with the GT3R DDU from Apex Sim Racing.



  • Vibrant 5-Inch High-Resolution Display 480 x 800
  • Tempered scratch-resistant glass overlay
  • 34 RGB programmable LEDs controlled via SimHub, Use LEDs for RPMS, Flags, Spotters, and many other user selectable options
  • Dual Custom PCBs with Single USB connection to pc 
  • Full 6061 Black anodized Aluminum Enclosure 
  • Real 3mm Carbon Fiber Mounting Bracket 
  • High Quality materials used throughout



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