DK6 Motion System - Apex Sim Racing
DK6 Motion System - Apex Sim Racing
DK6 Motion System - Apex Sim Racing
DK6 Motion System - Apex Sim Racing
DK6 Motion System - Apex Sim Racing
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DK6 Motion System

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Sigma Integrale DK6 Motion System is a 6" (150mm) motion system designed for high travel simulation applications such as off-road racing, rally and flight. The additional stroke allows for better representation of our motion layers with less saturation and hence it also compliments low travel vehicles such as formula cars.

The common saying of "less is more" is really a half-truth. High travel motion systems, if designed well, can better represent the true dynamic nature of vehicle dynamics. The DK6 however still shares our philosophy of Motion Integrity and does not over-represent certain layers such as pitch and roll which make control input unnecessarily more difficult.

The system shares the same design and construction as our industrial-grade DK-X motion systems used in our full motion vehicle and platform simulators. Additionally, DK6 is mechanically and electrically engineered around our unique motion algorithm to provide the most realistic and representative vehicle motion feedback with no pre-recorded canned effects.

DK6 takes a modern approach to signal processing and motion control to create the most responsive system on the market. Every elevation change, vehicle movement, surface change and gear shift, is captured and reproduced within 2” (50mm) of the available mechanical stroke.

The DK6 was originally created to serve many race and flight simulation centers around the world. The larger Teknic motor is capable of 800 lbs. (360 kg.) of total supported mass and hence can support a larger variety of drivers or exceptionally heavy rigs. The DK6 is also engineered with a solid steel piston and special Igus dry run bearings for exceptional side loading capability.

Sigma Integrale DK6 Motion System Specs:
- completely made from billet aluminum for optimal haptic transfer
- feature a 2-inch (50mm) solid steel piston for exceptional side loading
- use American made motors and controllers for exceptional signal control
- have a 3-year electrical and 1-year mechanical system warranty
- provide license free simple to use software with automatic over the air updates
- years of maintenance free operation with no lubrication required

If you do not have an available network port on your computer. Please feel free to use a USB to Network adapter such as this model available on Amazon.

For more information, please read our frequently asked questions here: FAQ

All motion systems are built to order and ship once rigorously tested. All systems include a 3-year warranty from date of purchase.

See reviews of our system in our Product Review section.

All DK systems can upgraded into the future as new features and models are released. Please see visit our upgrade program page or contact us for more details. 

Ships in one week from time of order. This Product Ships From The Manufacturer


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