Simagic Joins Formula Drift As Official Sim Racing Equipment Supplier

Simagic Joins Formula Drift As Official Sim Racing Equipment Supplier

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We’re excited to announce that SIMAGIC has been appointed as the Official Sim Racing Equipment Supplier of Formula DRIFT. The new partnership brings together two dynamic and innovative brands that share a deep passion for performance and precision while always pushing the limits.

Just like Formula DRIFT drivers and teams, SIMAGIC is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience. It does this with cutting-edge simulator equipment, such as the first direct drive wheelbase and wireless steering wheel in China. SIMAGIC’s advanced technology, high-quality parts and its attention to detail make it the perfect choice to provide the most realistic and immersive sim experience to the drivers and fans of Formula DRIFT around the world.

Designing, producing and distributing a number of sim racing essentials, the SIMAGIC hardware portfolio currently includes steering wheel bases with different torque output for forced feedback, as well as a variety of steering wheels designed to meet a driver’s budget and intended use. The range includes a magnesium alloy GTS wheel or the carbon fiber FX PRO formula wheel with a 4.3” LCD display and numerous adjustable settings. Additionally, the company has created a hydraulic pedal box, dual-shift mode H-pattern shifter, two sequential gear shifters and a handbrake to allow sim racers to tailor their set up to their preferred motorsport. In fact, several of the SIMAGIC team were keen drifters who found themselves unable to regularly compete, so chose to develop equipment that would allow them to participate in the virtual world at the highest level.

With the new partnership, Formula DRIFT drivers and fans will have the opportunity to experience the most accurate and immersive simulation experience available. SIMAGIC’s advanced sim racing equipment will provide a new level of realism and excitement to e-sport sims, enabling drivers to refine their skills and sharpen their instincts before hitting the track.

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