All Direct Drive Wheel Bases

    Dive into the world of high force feedback sim racing with our Sim Racing direct drive wheel bases. The detailed feedback that will transform your virtual racing into a thrilling journey.

    Simagic’s direct drive wheel bases

    Renowned for their smooth and detailed force feedback, providing a real-time racing feel. With cutting-edge motor technology and customizable settings, Simagic offers a seamless and responsive racing experience.

    Moza Racing direct drive wheel bases

    Bring a robust and powerful performance to the forefront. Known for their high torque output and minimal latency, Moza’s wheel bases deliver intense and realistic force feedback that perfectly translates the thrill of racing into every turn and acceleration. Their sturdy build and advanced electronics ensure a reliable and consistent performance, race after race.

    You will find a variety of models catering to different racing styles and preferences. From compact designs ideal for space-saving setups to full-scale professional units that replicate the exact sensations of a racing cockpit, our selection meets the needs of every sim racing enthusiast.

    Both Simagic and Moza Racing wheel bases are compatible with a wide range of steering wheels and accessories, offering flexibility and upgrade options to enhance your racing simulation experience.

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