Sim Racing Dash Boards

    Explore our collection of Sim Racing Dashboard Button Boxes at Apex Sim Racing, designed to enhance your control and customization in simulation games. These Sim racing button boxes allow you to assign specific inputs within your sim, enabling a tailored gaming experience. Ideal for players who seek detailed control over their simulation setup, our Button Box Dashboards offer versatility and precision. Dive into our selection and discover the perfect button box to upgrade your racing simulator.

    These Sim Racing Dashboards fit popular direct drive wheelbases

    • Fanatec Podium DD1 / DD2, CSL DD, GTproDD CSW
    • Simucube 1 / 2  - Sport, Pro, Ultimate
    • OSW
    • Simagic - Alpha Mini, Alpha, Alpha U 
    • Accuforce
    • Moza Racing R21, R16, R12, R9, R5