Custom Sim Racing Rigs and Parts

Building a custom sim racing rig is a fun pursuit. The hours spent tinkering and getting pieces to work together and fit provide real pleasure when you see everything come together. With each part and component, sim racers need the pieces made custom for them. Buttons need to be laid out in a specific manner for different users, switches, toggles, and even streaming controls are optimized for individual racers. Apex Sim Racing offers custom design services and layouts for button boxes, steering wheels, and dashboards for personal racing rigs. Order from our selection of mounts and dashboards to get just the right layout you want. If needed, install a phone holder or tablet to record race data and give you extra displays. Do you want specific colors? Illuminated buttons and keys? We can work that into your design.

At Apex Sim Racing all orders are custom made, and we provide high-quality custom sim racing rigs and parts with unmatched customer service. Our reviews show how dedicated we are to our customers and how we prioritize their satisfaction. Our products use top grade materials, such as genuine carbon fiber and robust metal components. We do not use vinyl wraps with our builds. You get the authentic parts when you order with us. From the moment you start a race you will immediately feel the difference.

We also offer full turnkey racing simulators. These we build to your specifications: steering wheelbase, chassis, seat, components etc. We will take your directions and work with you to create your ideal custom sim racing rig. Shop our site and reach out to our team to discuss the parts you want and your needs when you race. Whatever look or theme you can imagine, we will see what it takes to make. At Apex our team knows how important it is to have a custom racing rig that has everything at our fingertips, and we will make that dream setup a reality.