P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
P1000 Pedal Set
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P1000 Pedal Set

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P1000 Pedal Set - $519.00

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Simagic - P1000 Pedal Set

Pc Compatible Only

Available in Standard Loadcell or Hydraulic

and Inverted Loadcell or Hydraulic

Additional accessories not included

Technical Specs Load Cell
- Product Name: P1000/P1000i
- Resolution: 12-Bit (4096) [High accuracy sensor]
- USB Connection: PC / Simagic Wheelbase (Can-Bus Port)
- Adjustable Travel: Supported
- Adjustable Spring Force Level: Clutch, Brake
- Sensors:
- Throttle: Hall angle sensor
- Brake: Hall angle sensor / Loadcell sensor
- Clutch: Hall angle sensor
- Loadcell sensor: 100KG
- Haptic Pedal Reactor: Optional
- Inverted Installation: P1000i
- Pedal Plate: Anodized Aluminum Alloy
- Angle / Position Adjustment: Supported
- Adjustable Linearity: Supported
- Adjustable Brake Force: Supported
- Adjustable Deadzones: Supported
- Pedal Control Box: Included
- Building Material: CNC Aluminum Alloy
- Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):
- P1000: 334.8mm x 336mm x 267mm
- P1000i: 348mm x 489.8mm x 368.5mm
- Net Weight:
- P1000: 5.65kg
- P1000i: 7.60kg


Technical Specs Hydraulic

-Product Name: P1000-RS/P1000i-RS
12Bit (4096) [High accuracy sensor]
-USB Connection:
PC, SIMAGIC Wheelbase (Can-Bus Port)
-Adjustable Travel:
-Adjustable Spring Force Level: 
Clutch, Brake
Hall angle sensor
Hall angle sensor/Loadcell sensor
Hall angle sensor
- Loadcell Sensor:
-Haptic Pedal Reactor:
-Hydraulic Cylinder:
- Inverted Installation:
-Pedal Plate:
Anodized Aluminum Alloy
-Angle/Position Adjustment:
-Adjustable Linearity:
-Adjustable Brake Force:
-Adjustable Deadzones:
-Pedal Control Box:
-Building Material:
CNC Aluminum Alloy
-Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):
334.8mm x 336mm x 267mm
348mm x 489.8mm x 368.5mm
-Net Weight:


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