Meca Sim Hardware -2 Pedal EVO1 Hydraulic

Meca Sim Hardware -2 Pedal EVO1 Hydraulic

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 The new MECA EVO1 pedals is an evolution of the previous generation’s successful pedals, which are enhanced by experience and feedback from simracers all around the world. This model is therefore more robust, more reliable and even closer to reality.

Set of 2 pedals without base plate. Hydraulic Brake pedal.

Accelerator Pedal

  • 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Pedal lever bearing mounting
  • Adjustable pedal angle
  • Adjustable position forward/backward, left/right
  • Height-adjustable pedal face plate (glass blasted stainless steel)
  • Possible adjust of the stiffness of the pedal in a round groove
  • Fine tunning of the preload spring with a round nut
  • Optional additional purchase of a long face plate for Heel and Toe
  • 20kg load cell sensor
  • Ball bearing rotation axis housing

Brake Pedal

  • 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Equipped with a professional master cylinder by Willwood
  • Slave cylinder of its own design, which is equipped with a quality seal, for trouble-free operation of the system
  • slave cylinder is equipped with polyurethanes with an unrivaled system of cups, which protect the polyurethanes from overload and at the same time simulate the pressure of the brake system
  • Possibility to adjust the rigidity of the run by choosing suitable polyurethanes – from a soft pedal to an extremely hard and short run
  • Pressure sensor 1600Psi – for maximum compression it is necessary to develop a force of 138Kg on the pedal
  • Adjustable pedal angle
  • Adjustable position forward / backward, left / right
  • Adjustable tread height (Ballot stainless steel)
  • Bearing bearing of the axis of rotation
  • During the development, emphasis was placed on smooth operation, tightness of the system and durability


  • Newly developed electronic board of our own production
  • RJ connectors for connecting individual pedals
  • USB-C connector for connection to a PC
  • New Meca Control Panel software
  • 9-point curve settings for each pedal
  • Deadzones setting and pedal calibration
  • Profile saves
  • Electronics housed in a stainless steel body

In The Box 

  • Accelerator pedal
  • Brake pedal (hydraulic) including slave cylinder
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • Polyurethane set – 2x blue (80sh), 2x orange (90sh), 2x honey (95sh)
  • User manual
  • 8x screw M6x25
  • 8x mother M6
  • 16x steel washer
  • 8x plastic pad
  • 2x T-Nut M6
  • 2x screw M6x12

Meca Sim Hardware Download / Setup Info

Meca Software / Setup Downloads

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