Fanatec Club Sport 2.5 Dash Board - Apex Sim Racing LLC - Custom Sim Racing Products
Fanatec Club Sport 2.5 Dash Board - Apex Sim Racing LLC - Custom Sim Racing Products
Fanatec Club Sport Dash Board

Fanatec Club Sport Dash Board

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7 way Multi-Switch

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This wheel base has been discontinued by the manufacturer so we do not stock this dash - Lead time will be 2-4 weeks


Compatibility: PC - 2 USB connections  (includes 2 - 6ft USB Cables)

Plug and play no additional software is needed 

Fanatec Club Sport Dashboard Panel

6mm Real Carbon Fiber Matte Twill Weave Plate

Mounts directly to Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase with supplied m6 bolts

Left Side 

1 - On Off Latching Toggle with Guard (Programmed as momentary)

1 - Apex Branded Engine Start Button

3 - MOM OFF MOM Toggles with black boot

5 - 12mm Momentary Push Buttons (Multi switch option adds a 7way multi switch to replace center push button) Up, Down, Left, Right, Push, Encoder Left & Right

Right Side

8 - 12mm Momentary Push Buttons

4 - CTS Encoders 

1 - Billet aluminum Brake Bias Knob (can be used for other settings)

Some Customers have reported EMI from Fanatec wheelbases. If you are experiencing button press issues you will need to ground the dash to the wheelbase with the provided wire. 

Step 1: Remove rear enclosure plate with 2mm Allen Key 

Step 2: Take Wire and strip about 1 inch off. Route that wire to the wheelbase and wrap around the m6 bolt in between the rear of the dash and the front of the wheelbase as pictured below. 

Step 3: Mount Dash as normal with wire between carbon plate and wheelbase

If you need assistance please Contact Support

Fanatec Podium Ground Wire EMI

Right Click and open in new tab or save image as to see full size

Dash Instructions

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