Apex Sim Racing is now an official D-BOX Dealer!

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting development at Apex Sim Racing: we are now an official dealer of D-BOX technologies! This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide the ultimate sim racing experience to enthusiasts and professionals alike.


D-BOX Generation 5 4250i Sim Racing Motion System - Apex Sim Racing


Why D-BOX?

D-BOX is renowned for its innovative motion technology, which has transformed the world of simulation racing. By offering realistic, precision-engineered feedback and motion, D-BOX systems create an immersive experience that mimics the physical sensations of driving a high-performance race car. This technology not only enhances the realism of the simulation but also provides critical feedback that helps drivers improve their skills.


What This Means for Our Customers

As a D-BOX dealer, Apex Sim Racing can now bring this cutting-edge technology directly to our customers. Whether you are a seasoned racer looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to experience realistic racing simulation, our range of D-BOX products will elevate your racing setup to a professional standard.


Here’s what you can expect:

Enhanced Immersion: Feel every turn, bump, and acceleration with realistic motion feedback that syncs perfectly with your racing activities.

Improved Performance: D-BOX technology helps you understand and react to your vehicle's behavior better, improving your decision-making and driving skills.

Customizable Experience: With various levels of intensity and feedback, you can tailor your D-BOX experience to match your preferred racing style.


Experience D-BOX at Our Showroom

We invite you to visit our new showroom located just 20 minutes outside of New York City, where you can test the D-BOX systems firsthand. Our demo simulators are set up to showcase the capabilities of D-BOX technology, providing you with a firsthand understanding of how it can transform your racing experience.

Our Commitment

At Apex Sim Racing, we are committed to bringing the best sim racing technologies to our community. Partnering with D-BOX aligns with our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are excited to guide our customers through the amazing benefits of D-BOX systems and help integrate this technology into their racing setups.

Looking Forward

This partnership is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to expand our offerings and services to meet the needs of the sim racing community. Stay tuned for updates on new D-BOX products, special events, and promotions at Apex Sim Racing.

We are incredibly excited about this partnership and the opportunities it brings to our customers. As the sim racing landscape continues to evolve, Apex Sim Racing and D-BOX are here to ensure you are always at the forefront of the latest developments.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to see you at the track (or in our showroom) soon!

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