What is the Apex Sim Racing 7 way multi switch?

What is the Apex Sim Racing 7 way multi switch?

Ahhhh the coveted 7 way multi switch also called a "Funky Switch" and for good reason.. Its one of sim racings most desired multi function switches. With a total of 7 inputs all in one switch it allows for the mapping of multiple functions so you can control in game menus, car controls or anything that is button mappable in sim. 

Mappable inputs include Up, Down, Left, Right, Push and Encoder spin Left and Right for a total of 7 inputs all in one little switch!

One of the most popular uses is the black box menus in iRacing. You can control all aspects of the black boxes by just this one switch. Adjust fuel, tires, etc all with the 7 way multi switch, but its not limited to just black boxes you could set up to adjust FOV, seat height or angle or any other mappable option in the game.

             Apex Sim Racing 7 way Multi Switch


7 way multi switch added to our popular Race Deck Button Box 

other compatible button boxes Race Deck XL Race Deck Fire V2, P911, Downforce, and all of our 6mm Dashboards and simlab dash pods.

Most customers opt for the 7 way multi switch add on which includes a premium anodized aluminum knob. The convince of 7 extra inputs in 1 and the ability to control so much more in sim is a game changer!

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